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Looking to license radio-quality beats, beats with hooks or instrumental music? You're in the right place.
Beatshotters® is the premiere writing & production team, made up of award-winning gold-certified writers & producers with proven track records in a variety of genres.
Between them the Shotters have decades of experience in the music industry, millions of streams & hundreds of thousands of sales to their credit - which is why you can trust them to deliver the heat you need for your next project.
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The majority of Beatshotters® beats are royalty-free, however from time-to-time we upload beats featuring samples.


For your ease of reference sample information is noted on the respective Bandcamp / Beatstars pages.

Licence Terms
License Terms.png


- 320kbps mp3 + 24 bit wav

- No tracked-out stems

- 1 music video

- 2k sales

- 20k audio streams

- 20k video streams

- Radio play (5 stations)



- mp3 + 24 bit wav

- 24 bit tracked-outs / stems

- 1 music video

- 5k sales

- 50k audio streams

- 50k video streams

- Radio play (10 stations)

- Ability to remove tag



- mp3 + 24 bit wav

- 24 bit tracked-outs / stems

- Unlimited music videos

- Unlimited sales

- Unlimited audio streams

- Unlimited video streams

- Radio play (unlimited stations)

- Ability to remove tag


​All of the above license types can be obtained on our Bandcamp page.

Basic & Premium Licenses are sold & fulfilled via our Beatstars page.

Exclusive licenses are available with same terms as Unlimited - starting at $399.99.

For bespoke production services or to discuss syncing options, please contact us directly.


- 320kbps mp3

- No tracked-out stems

- 1 music video

- 500 sales

- 5k audio streams

- 5k video streams

- No radio play

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Features & Placements
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Some of the places you'll have heard, seen or read about music recorded by the Shotters...