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Mixing & Mastering by Beatshotters®


Having also worked extensively as Engineers, the Beatshotters® are renowned for their mixdown abilities & have the distinction of coming highly recommended by leading mastering facility South East Studios. That means commissioning Beatshotters® to put the final touches on your track is a great idea!


Prices will be dependent on the number of files you provide: -


  • A 2 track mixdown (i.e. one stereo beat + vocal files) can be done at a cost of $69.99 if the beat was produced by Beatshotters®; or $99.99 otherwise.


  • Trackout mixdowns (meaning each instrument has it’s own audio file) start at $149.99 for 6 tracked-out stems, & go up in price from there at a cost of $9.99 per stem (i.e. if you send us 11 tracked-out stems to mix, you’ll pay $199.99). To allow for the best results, we need the kick & snare parts to be separated from the rest of the drums as individual stems, so be sure to factor this in when rendering stems for us.


Digital mastering is included in the above fees.


e-mail us with a breakdown of what you’re looking for. On receipt, we'll drop you a line with a quote & once payment has been received we can get to work.

If you clicked this tab in search of Beatshotters® remixes, head over to our YouTube channel now - where you'll find a playlist of edits we've done.

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