This must be the bargain of a century.


Equip yourself with a career's worth of radio-ready beats for less than the cost of a weekly food shop.

At a price that gives a $7,924.60 discount - you'll have enough money left over to live comfortably whilst you work towards superstardom! No more struggling to eat whilst you work for your dreams.

Superstar 350px.jpg

Beatshotters® SUPERSTAR Beat Pack

$7,999.60  $75!!!

  • 40 beats with 'Unlimited' licenses, at a cost of $75...that's $1.88 per beat!!!

  • Wav file + 24 bit tracked-out stems for all 40 beats

  • Unlimited sales / streaming figures for songs made using all 40 beats

  • Unlimited radio play for all your songs

  • Use your songs in an unlimited number of videos

  • Remove Beatshotters® tag before releasing your songs

  • Receive a license, signed by us, confirming all of the above

  • Unlimited beat licenses are usually charged at $199.99 each - this offer provides a $7,924.60 discount!!!

  • FREE BONUS: entry into the monthly Beatshotters® Spotlight Competition, whereby we pick one song made using a Beatshotters® beat to feature on our social media channels

THE offer for artists with intentions to reach levels of superstardom other people can only dream about